TPI Corporation

Direct Drive Portable Blower - Standard and Swivel

• Powder coated 20 gallon steel housing has front and rear roll formed embossment for added strength and rigidity

• Swivel model rotates 360º in 12-1/2 increments and locks in place with a steel locking pin

• 8” rubber wheels

• ETL Listed

• Meets OSHA Standards

• 1 Year Limited Warranty
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Item # Blade Size (in.)Unit Of
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TPIPB-36-D36 Ea. Add
TPIPB-42-D42 Ea. Add
TPIPB-48-D-OP48 Ea. Add
TPIPBS-36-D36 Ea. Add
TPIPBS-42-D42 Ea. Add
TPIPBS-48-D-OP48 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Blade Size (in.)CFMAmpsShipping Wt.MotorBaseUnit Of
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TPIPB-36-D36125005.582[1/3]Standard Ea. Add
TPIPB-42-D42156006.0102[1/2]Standard Ea. Add
TPIPB-48-D-OP481730010.3117[3/4]Standard Ea. Add
TPIPBS-36-D36125005.5110[1/3]Swivel Ea. Add
TPIPBS-42-D42156006.0128[1/2]Swivel Ea. Add
TPIPBS-48-D-OP481730010.3142[3/4]Swivel Ea. Add