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Pole Cat Cable Assemblies

• Cable assembly includes 5/16”x1-1/4” threaded stud (swaged onto cable, with a loose Ball Stop)
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Item # Cable SizeUnit Of
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UTSCL316-1113[3/16]”x48” Ea. Add
UTSCL316-1315[3/16]”x54” Ea. Add
UTSCL316-1517[3/16]”x60” Ea. Add
UTSCL316-1719[3/16]”x66” Ea. Add
UTSCL316-1921[3/16]”x72” Ea. Add
UTSCL316-35[3/16]”x24” Ea. Add
UTSCL316-57[3/16]”x30” Ea. Add
UTSCL316-79[3/16]”x36” Ea. Add
UTSCL316-911[3/16]”x42” Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Cable SizeFits Pole SizeWeight (lbs.)Unit Of
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UTSCL316-1113[3/16]”x48”11”-13” dia. Round.38 Ea. Add
UTSCL316-1315[3/16]”x54”13”-15” dia. Round.42 Ea. Add
UTSCL316-1517[3/16]”x60”15”-17” dia. Round.46 Ea. Add
UTSCL316-1719[3/16]”x66”16”-19” dia. Round.5 Ea. Add
UTSCL316-1921[3/16]”x72”19”-21” dia. Round.54 Ea. Add
UTSCL316-35[3/16]”x24”3”-5” dia. Round.22 Ea. Add
UTSCL316-57[3/16]”x30”5”-7” dia. Round.26 Ea. Add
UTSCL316-79[3/16]”x36”7”-9” dia. Round.3 Ea. Add
UTSCL316-911[3/16]”x42”9”-11” dia. Round.34 Ea. Add