High Friction Steel Clamp

• High friction clamp with recessed top to hold bolt head captive while the nut is tightened

• Can be combined with Type CF

• The skirt prevents the clamp rotating during installation

• The tail of the AF spans across slotted holes

• For flanges up to 10°, ideal for S-beams

• Washer Type AFW available to provide flat top or for use with A325 or A490 bolt

• The Type AF is compatible with Grade 5/A325 and A490 bolts, please refer to the table below for performance comparisons.

• Specify Bolt Type

• Bolts sold separately

• Tail Length: S-Short, M-Medium

• SG iron. Call for availability of Hot dip galvanized finish

• Contact Edge for detailed specs and design data
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Item # Bolt Size ZUnit Of
List for Quote
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LDLAF050M[1/2]” Ea. $ 15.55 Add Buy
LDLAF050S[1/2]” Ea. $ 15.55 Add Buy
LDLAF062M[5/8]” Ea. $ 24.43 Add Buy
LDLAF062S[5/8]” Ea. $ 24.43 Add Buy
LDLAF075M[3/4]” Ea. $ 33.23 Add Buy
LDLAF075S[3/4]” Ea. $ 33.23 Add Buy
LDLAF100M1” Ea. $ 74.51 Add Buy
LDLAF100S1” Ea. $ 74.51 Add Buy
Item Specifications

Item # Bolt Size ZSafe Working Loads (5:1 Factor Of Safety) Tensile/Safe Working Loads (2:1 Factor Of Safety) FrictionSafe Working Loads (2:1 Factor Of Safety) FrictionTorque (ft./lbs.)Tail LengthUnit Of
List for Quote
LDLAF050M[1/2]”2,2488991,16996Medium Ea. $ 15.55 Add Buy
LDLAF050S[1/2]”1,91176487766Short Ea. $ 15.55 Add Buy
LDLAF062M[5/8]”3,5971,7982,248177Medium Ea. $ 24.43 Add Buy
LDLAF062S[5/8]”4,3832,4732,698221Short Ea. $ 24.43 Add Buy
LDLAF075M[3/4]”5,9012,9223,597347Medium Ea. $ 33.23 Add Buy
LDLAF075S[3/4]”6,7444,4965,620477Short Ea. $ 33.23 Add Buy
LDLAF100M1”14,050*6,2957,868737Medium Ea. $ 74.51 Add Buy
LDLAF100S1”14,050*6,2957,868737Short Ea. $ 74.51 Add Buy