LGR7000 XLi

• Advanced Crossflow Technology maximizes efficiency even in low grain environments

• Self-monitoring system: Built-in sensors monitor performance parameters allowing for automatic fan speed adjustments

• Built-in humidistat and plain-English control panel messages

• Sealed large-capacity pump basin: More than enough to handle the water from an unintentional defrost that might occur after a power outage or other unexpected shut-down

• Ergonomic design

• Integrated cord and hose storage

• Versatile application: Standard 12 in. ductable outlet

• Rotomolded housing: Resists dents and dings

• Stackable for storage
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Item # Tested Water Removal AHAM(80°F/60%RH)Unit Of
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DEF412130 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Tested Water Removal AHAM(80°F/60%RH)CFM RatingAmpsDimensions (HxWxD)Weight (lbs.)Unit Of
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DEF412130325/552 CMH8.333.5×20×20107 Ea. Add