Sonolac® (Sonneborn)

Joint Sealants

Div.7 07 92 00

Sonolac® is a siliconized acrylic-latex

gun-grade caulk for use in generalpurpose

exterior and interior

applications. Its performance

characteristics exceed those of oilbased

caulks and most butyl caulks

• Siliconized: Provides optimum adhesion

• One component: Easy to apply; saves labor

• Nonstaining, nonbleeding: Maintains original appearance

• Dry on surface within 30 minutes: Readily paintable; speeds jobsite production

• Water based: Easy to clean up with water

• Lasting flexibility: Provides a durable seal


• Filling joints between walls and woodwork

• Patching wall cracks

• Sealing joints and openings at counter tops,

vanities, venting, plumbing, or other fixtures
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SO45-47110.14 oz. tube Ea. Add
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SO45-47110.14 oz. tubeWhite12 Ea. Add