Sonolastic® 150 (Sonneborn)

Joint Sealants

Div.7 07 92 00

Sonolastic® 150 with VLM Technology is a premium, very low-modulus, high-movement, nonsag, fast-curing, ready to-use, silyl-terminated polyether sealant. It combines the best qualities of organic and silicone sealants to keep moving joints weathertight

• Superior Adhesion: Long term Bond – reduced call backs

• Very low modulus: Accommodates extreme joint movement (100% extension in EIFS joints with little stress on bond line)

• Compatible with nonrigid coatings: May be painted soon after installation

• Easy to gun and tool: Speeds application; makes neater joints

• Ready-to-use 1 component: Reduces labor; speeds application

• Wide temperature application range: Use in all climates

• Weather resistant: Provides long-lasting weathertight seals

• Fast curing: Speeds jobsite production

• Nonstaining: Use safely on stone and other sensitive substrates

• Mildew resistant: Does not support mildew growth; offers low-odor alternative for sanitary areas

• Available in ProPaks: Reduces jobsite waste; lowers disposal costs

• Very low VOC’s (2 g/L): Meets all State and Federal regulations
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Product Documents

Item # ColorUnit Of
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SO51703714Aluminum Gray Ea. Add
SO51703820Black Ea. Add
SO51704032Limestone Ea. Add
SO51704138Medium Bronze Ea. Add
SO51704244Off White Ea. Add
SO51704350Redwood Tan Ea. Add
SO51704562Slate Ea. Add
SO51704668Special Bronze Ea. Add
SO51704774Stone Ea. Add
SO51704880Tan Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # ColorSizeUnit Of
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SO51703714Aluminum Gray10.14 oz. Ea. Add
SO51703820Black10.14 oz. Ea. Add
SO51704032Limestone10.14 oz. Ea. Add
SO51704138Medium Bronze10.14 oz. Ea. Add
SO51704244Off White10.14 oz. Ea. Add
SO51704350Redwood Tan10.14 oz. Ea. Add
SO51704562Slate10.14 oz. Ea. Add
SO51704668Special Bronze10.14 oz. Ea. Add
SO51704774Stone10.14 oz. Ea. Add
SO51704880Tan10.14 oz. Ea. Add