Sonolastic® TX 1 (Sonneborn)

Joint Sealants

Div.7 07 92 00

TX 1 is a one-component, texturized,

moisture-curing, gun-grade polyurethane

sealant. It requires no

mixing and typically requires no

priming on common building

materials. TX 1 has a textured

appearance, which blends well

with masonry substrates

• One component: Requires no mixing; saves on labor

• Gun grade: Does not sag in vertical joints

• Weather resistant: Produces long-lasting weather-tight seals

• Textured appearance: Complements rough surfaces like masonry and stucco

• Accepts joint movement of ±25%: Keeps moving joints tight

• High-quality polyurethane polymer: Resists age hardening

• Easy to gun and tool: Speeds application and makes neater joints

• Eleven standard colors: Matches common substrates

• Wide temperature application range: Suitable for all climates

• No primer required for most construction materials: Lowers installation costs

• Compatible with nonrigid coatings: May be painted

• Lower odor than other textured sealants: Comfortable for applicators
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Product Documents

Item # ColorUnit Of
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SO51721310NAT STN Ea. Add
SO51721363STN Ea. Add
SO55395429ALU GRY Ea. Add
SO55395482BLK Ea. Add
SO55395535BUF Ea. Add
SO55395588IVR Ea. Add
SO55395641MED BRZ Ea. Add
SO55395694NAT STN Ea. Add
SO55395747OFF WHT Ea. Add
SO55395853SPE BRZ Ea. Add
SO55395906STN Ea. Add
SO55395959WHT Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # ColorSizeUnit Of
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SO51721310NAT STN20 oz. sausage Ea. Add
SO51721363STN20 oz. sausage Ea. Add
SO55395429ALU GRY10.14 oz. tube Ea. Add
SO55395482BLK10.14 oz. tube Ea. Add
SO55395535BUF10.14 oz. tube Ea. Add
SO55395588IVR10.14 oz. tube Ea. Add
SO55395641MED BRZ10.14 oz. tube Ea. Add
SO55395694NAT STN10.14 oz. tube Ea. Add
SO55395747OFF WHT10.14 oz. tube Ea. Add
SO55395853SPE BRZ10.14 oz. tube Ea. Add
SO55395906STN10.14 oz. tube Ea. Add
SO55395959WHT10.14 oz. tube Ea. Add