Jackson Safety


"Choose from a variety of windows for eyes and face protection that are ideal for many industrial uses.

• Propionate: Injection molded, 060"" thick offers outstanding impact resistance and distortion-free optics

• Polycarbonate: Optical-grade thick polycarbonate from extruded sheet or injection molded resin provide superior secondary impact protection and increased scratch resistance

• Petg: Provides quality impact protection at an economical price. Ideal for any worker who needs light impact protection and is not exposed to high heat applications, offers good scratch resistance and distortion free optics

• Note: All windows in table below are .060"" thick except the 3005377, 3005379, and 3005399 which are .040

• Meets ANSI Z87+

• Caution: Face shields do not provide unlimited protection against flying particles and splash; safety spectacles or goggles should also be worn where impact, chemical splash or injurious rays hazards exist"
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Item # Size (in.)Unit Of
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JS30001278 x 15.5 Ea. Add
JS30053718 x 15.5 Ea. Add
JS30053788 x 15.5 Ea. Add
JS30053798 x 15.5 Ea. Add
JS30053998 x 15.5 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Size (in.)ColorTypeUnit Of
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JS30001278 x 15.5Dark GreyMesh Steel Ea. Add
JS30053718 x 15.5ClearPolycarbonate Ea. Add
JS30053788 x 15.5ClearPolycarbonate Ea. Add
JS30053798 x 15.5Dark GreenPolycarbonate Ea. Add
JS30053998 x 15.5ClearPETG Ea. Add