Ridgid Pipe Clamps

• Rigid Pipe Clamps resemble the more traditional style of pipe clamps and are sized based on the pipe inside diameter or nominal size

• Polyurethane clamps are recommended for applications up to 160ºF; for high temperature applications (up to 230ºF)

• Care should be taken not to exceed the recommended torque values of the rigid pipe clamps

• Material: Glass-reinforced polyurethane

• Design Loads: Type 1 - 225 lbs.; Type 2 - 90 lbs.

• FRP Bolt Size: 3/8” x 1-1/4”

• Torque (ft./lbs.): 3

• Wt/100 pcs. (lbs.): 5
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Item # Nom. SizeUnit Of
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UTPCR-050[1/2]” Ea. Add
UTPCR-075[3/4]” Ea. Add
UTPCR-1001” Ea. Add
UTPCR-1251[1/4]” Ea. Add
UTPCR-1501[1/2]” Ea. Add
UTPCR-2002” Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Nom. SizeRigid MetalWt/100 pcs (Lbs)Unit Of
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UTPCR-050[1/2]”0.840”3 Ea. Add
UTPCR-075[3/4]”1.050”3 Ea. Add
UTPCR-1001”1.315”4 Ea. Add
UTPCR-1251[1/4]”1.660”5 Ea. Add
UTPCR-1501[1/2]”1.900”5 Ea. Add
UTPCR-2002”2.375”5 Ea. Add